10 Gifts Ideas For Her This Valentine

10 Gifts Ideas For Her This Valentine

Still not sure what to gift your significant other this Valentine? These gift ideas are worth checking out.

Kevin David

Kevin David

If you know you’re dealing with a naija babe, save yourself the embarrassment of buying her things like flowers, taking her star gazing, or buying her mirrors or anything anti-aging this Valentine or else she will finish you.

Check out a list of gifts she would absolutely love and appreciate.

Makeup Set
Makeup is something that a woman can never have too much of. Let’s not forget, this actually enhances her beauty. So, at the end of the day, it’s to your glory that your bae looks good!

Also, very good products are expensive. If you want to see that genuine
smile, consider giving her a good makeup set.

A Gorgeous Weave or Wig

This right here would make your woman give you some head if she’s been depriving you lately. The joy that comes with a new hair is simply unexplainable. From the shine and the bounce to even the smell, everything about a new hair is beautiful. It is, in fact, blissful. If it’s not 100% human hair, don’t even bother, except you’re trying to end things.

Engraved Bracelet

A bracelet is a wonderful piece of jewelry to gift your partner. Anytime she sees it or gets a compliment on it, she is reminded of you .

Custom Made Pendant

If you know you are in love with your partner and you are in for the long haul, get her a pendant with both your initials on it.

A Nice Handbag

We all know ladies love a good handbag, so make sure you pick out the best or most expensive (if you have the money) one on the shelf and see her reaction.


Mules are like slip-ons but with a different name. They are so in this season. That’s why I’d advise you get a great pair of mules for your partner. Everyone knows that women love the trendy things. Also, find out what kind of mules she likes before getting them.

A trip

You have to consider the type of destination she likes in order to make this a success.

A dress

Relationships have ended because someone didn’t know their partner’s size or the right style for that person. So, do your research before heading for this number.

A car

This gift right here would make your woman so excited. Let’s not kid ourselves, who doesn’t like the thought of a new car?


They say you can never go wrong with a bottle of perfume. But you must be careful what kind of perfume you get her, though. Best stick to something she’s familiar with.

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