Sugar Babies: Identify The Five Different Types

Sugar Babies: Identify The Five Different Types

Have you met these sugar babies? Read to find out if you have.

Kevin David

Kevin David

Sugar babies! This term is familiar to many people. But in case you do not know what it means, the term refers to an individual who is kept for the sole purpose of satisfying the sexual desires of a much older man or woman in exchange for something tangible or what we like to call a life of abundance.

Sugar babies are even now more popular than most of our Nigerian celebrities. So, whenever you see an individual living the lush and lavish lifestyle, flying private jet, driving luxury cars and wearing items that cost a fortune with no evidence of a job that can sustain that lifestyle, you should know that the individual is a sugar baby.

But that doesn’t mean that all sugar babies are on the same rank or level. No!!! Below are five types of sugar babies. Don’t forget to tell us which category your favourite celebrity falls into.

The Young Babies

These sugar babies are still young. Some are in their final classes in secondary school or already in the university. These babies are swept away by older rich men with the aim of meeting their needs and taking care of them. The job of these men is to buy these youngsters the trendiest outfits, fancy bags, high tech mobile phone etc

Investment Babies

These are business oriented babies who aim for highly successful men and use their resources to build an empire or something tangible for themselves.

The Single Parents

Individuals in this category are single, hot looking mamas with the body of a model after a child or two. The father of their child or children is not present in their lives. So, to take care of themselves and kids, these women go looking for rich and wealthy men to give them money in exchange for sex.

Celebrity Babies

Sugar babies in this category pose to be elites in the society, but in order to keep up with the luxury lifestyle and appearances they sell to the public, they go after wealthy and highly influential individuals to assist with material things in exchange for sex. So next time you see your favourite celebrity who hasn’t been doing much lately, drives a car that costs almost a million dollars or is way more expensive than they can afford, don’t ask questions, you already know the story.

The Always Has-Been a Baby

Those in this category are not new to this lifestyle at all. They are young individuals who are not from a wealthy home or anything fancy, but they have always been lucky from a young age to have sugar daddies or sponsors - as some people like to call them. These ones would never ask for anything extravagant or unnecessary. Don’t get it wrong, though. These babies have their eyes on the prize but they are not just as exposed as the investment or celebrity babies. They never have to ask before you deliver, because they know how to demand without asking. This makes them the smartest sugar babies on the list.

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