Fun Things To Do At Home This Rainy Season

Fun Things To Do At Home This Rainy Season

Are you worried about what to do with yourself this rainy season?  Check out fun activities you can engage in at home  

Kevin David

Kevin David

Looks like the rainy season came early this year, and some of us just can’t get enough of it. We love how cozy it gets when it rains, especially when it’s a weekend like this. But we get that not everyone likes the rainy season, because you probably have to shut yourself in all day. To keep you from being bored while you’re home, we serve you a list of fun activities to engage in this season.

1. Paint, draw and colour

On a day like this, when it rains nonstop and you’re stuck indoors alone, you can try painting, drawing or colouring. These activities will aid your ability to concentrate, as they will keep your mind in a meditative state.

2. Bake

This is a fun and great way to enjoy a damp or rainy day. Plus, you get to put your creativity to good use.

3. Redecorate your space

Rearranging or redecorating your space or home engages your mind and creative skills.

4. Make a playlist

Music is fun, and making a playlist or a music compilation is even more fun. This can also help you practise all those dance steps you’ve always wanted to learn.

5. Watch a movie

Nothing beats watching an interesting movie on a wet day. It helps you relax, and at the same time, keeps your mind active, especially when you’re watching a thriller or a crime movie.

6. Try a new delicacy

If you’re a food lover aka “foodie”, this is the best time to try out every meal you haven’t tried but always wanted to. Besides the nutritional value you’ll be adding to your body, you will also have an idea what that dish tastes like. So, order something from the Chinese or Italian restaurant nearby.

7. Prepare a meal you haven’t made in a while

Preparing a dish you haven’t made in a while brings back memories. This also helps you learn from your past cooking mistakes and remember not to repeat them.

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