How To Make A Woman Fall In Love With You In Less Than 2 Weeks

How To Make A Woman Fall In Love With You In Less Than 2 Weeks

Want a woman to fall heads over heels in love with you in just two weeks? You should read this!

Kevin David

Kevin David

Love is having a blue day and wanting to talk to someone you consider special. Love is being deliriously happy with someone. Love is wanting to be with someone and knowing that they want to be with you, too.

There is nothing quite like this feeling, this emotion that makes you feel strong and alive. Do you want to fall in love and have someone fall in love with you, within only two weeks? Check out a few things you can do to achieve this seeming feat.

1. Be generous

Any man who doesn’t occasionally buy his woman nice gifts or something tangible isn’t genuinely in love with her, because love itself is all about giving.

2. Give attention

Truth is, everyone loves attention but women love it a bit more than men. So, make sure you are there to give your woman the attention she needs and make sacrifices where possible.

3. Introduce her to your parents

This is the most dangerous on the list, as taking her to meet your parents would mean that you’re officially “unofficially” married. If you’ve been dating a woman for a week plus and you tell her you think she’s the one and proceed to take her to your parents, you’ll have her right where you want her.

4. Spend quality time with her

Besides going out on fancy dates, another thing ladies love is intimate moments. They want both of you alone together, not necessarily having sex, but enjoying each other’s presence, talking or more. Women find this special because it is a moment of venerability that is seldom taken advantage of.

5. Take her out

Most women love to go on fancy dates with their partners. They love being booed up with someone presentable at a public event or gathering. So, endeavour to make her feel special and take her on a date today.

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