5 Types Of Breakfasts You Should Know

5 Types Of Breakfasts You Should Know

These are the five types of breakfasts you should know about

Kevin David

Kevin David

Breakfast is the first meal of the day taken after a period of fast the night before. It is also the most important. So, you should learn to pay particular attention to what you have for breakfast.

Note that your breakfast should be light and not heavy. Check out five types of breakfasts that you should know and are internationally accepted.

1. American breakfast

The American breakfast is pretty broad and slightly heavier than other breakfasts. It consists of eggs, which could be scrambled, sunny side up, over easy, poached or an omelette; meat of either bacon or sausages; toast with jam, jelly, chocolate spread or butter hash browns, pancakes, cereal, coffee, tea, orange juice or grapefruit juice.

2. English Breakfast

This type of breakfast has to be the most healthy of them all. It includes eggs, bread toast, beans (could either be baked or regular beans), sausages, bacon, black pudding and beverage.

3. French Breakfast

The French are famous for their delicious pastries, and unlike the Americans and English, the French breakfast consists of just a cup of coffee and any pastry of your choice, like a croissant.

4. Italian Breakfast

The French and Italian breakfasts are almost similar. But the Italian breakfast includes a cup of coffee (cappuccino) and croissant is replaced with cornetto, which is less buttery than the former.

5. Chinese Breakfast

Unlike any other type of breakfast, the Chinese breakfast is quite unique. This type of breakfast includes a special type of doughnut, which is called youtiao, a long shaped dough fried to a golden state which is best served dipped in or with soy milk.

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