International Women’s Day - Happenings
International Women’s Day - Happenings

Int’l Women’s Day - How Nigerian Women Can Have A Balance For Better Life 

Felix Egbomuche

Felix Egbomuche

Nigerian Women have been enjoined to pursue their dreams, hopes and aspirations with all sense of determination as the world celebrates the 2019 International Women's Day today.

At an event organised by Silverbird Film Distribution WA in partnership with Silverbird Communications, women were admonished to 'think equal, build smart, and innovate for change'.

The event, which had women from various sectors of the Nigerian society in attendance, gave women the opportunity to express their challenges and embrace each other’s strengths.

Speaking during the panel session which she chaired, Dr Ebele Ugochukwu, the CEO of top make-up brand Sleek, emphasized that every goal a woman has for her career, marriage and family life can actually be achieved without one disturbing the other.

She said: "We have the resilience, the determination and with technology, women can now do a whole lot and multitask. I think it is something that we can do and achieve."

Deputy General Manager, Zenith Bank, Mrs. Olatilewa Babalogbon, who was also part if the panel, encouraged women to pursue their goals diligently without any hindrance.

"Its wrong and very unfair to say that women can’t have it all. Look at the three of us and we’re just like every other woman out there who are wives, girlfriends, fiances, mothers and with thriving careers.

"Because of society, women work harder not to be seen as failures and so we keep sacrificing to ensure we achieve balance in all areas of our lives."

In complementing what the other two panelists said, Mrs. Uche Nwoka, the Creative Croup Head Bank of Industry, advised women not to be afraid to seek help and assistance in their bid to support their families and build a fulfilling career.

"We all have same opportunities, there is no man/woman when it comes to career advancement so women should not be afraid to seek for help from family and friends. If you can afford a Nanny please do so but make the Nanny feel at home so she can take care of your child properly."

Highlights of the grand occasion were the question and answer session, group selfie time, giveaways and viewing the classic movie 'WHAT MEN WANT' starring American multiple award-winning thespian Taraji. P. Henson.

The theme for this year's International Women's Day is 'Balance For Better'.

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