Old age
Old age

4 Things That Can Make You Look Older Than Your Age

Do you take these things for granted? You shouldn’t! They make you look older than your age!

Titilayo Ilori

There are some habits that can make us look older than our age, and they include:

1. Dicoloured teeth

Discoloured teeth can make you look older than your age. This can be avoided by something as simple as brushing your teeth regularly. Get a toothpaste that contains teeth whitening ingredients.

Brush at least twice a day for three minutes. This will prevent your teeth from discolouration. Be careful not to damage your gum in the process.

2. Messy hair

Your messy hair can also make you look old and dirty. You should always keep your hair neat. Whether your hair is short, long, natural or permed, ensure that it is washed regularly and neatly combed or brushed.

3. Bushy eyebrows

If your eyebrows are bushy and unkempt, chances are, you would look way older than your age. Keep them neatly trimmed and groomed, so that you can make a good first impression on people.

4. Untidy nails

Untidy nails can make you look dirty and old. You don’t have to fix artificial nails to look good. Just make sure your natural nails are neat and well manicured.

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