5 Ways You Are Destroying Your Wife’s Emotions

These five things may be destroying your wife’s emotional state and could lead to the ruin of your marriage.

Titilayo Ilori


It is not in every Nigerian man’s nature to be romantic. Some men believe once they have met the basic needs of their wives, nothing else matters.

But you should note that there is more to pleasing a woman than merely meeting her material needs. You may be messing with her emotions if you do any of these things.

1. Expecting too much from her

Most of the time you expect so much from your wife that you forget she is human. It’s okay to expect her to treat you like a king and to give you attention, but sometimes she will be too tired to do some things she usually does for you. That doesn't mean you should get angry.

2. Not being supportive of her

When the man is sick, his wife is always there to treat him like a baby. But when it is the other way round and your wife is sick, all you do is complain of how dirty the house is and how she prepares your dinner late, while you are seated watching your favourite TV programme. Learn to appreciate the little things she does and support her in times of need.

3. Being selfish in bed

Some women easily give in to sexual advances from their husbands just to satisfy them, even when it is inconvenient for them. But a man may selfishly say he is too tired for sex and this may hurt her deeply.

4. Lying

When you tell a lie, you’d probably have to tell some more lies to cover up the previous lie, and the lying continues. If you keep up with this act, you will destroy the trust your wife has in you.

5. Not showing her love or being appreciative

You don't need to buy your wife an expensive gift before you show how much you love her. The little things mean everything to her. Take her to her favourite hang out spot, don't ever take her for granted. If she cooks a good meal, compliment her, say sweet words to her or remind her of how beautiful she is even after childbirth.

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