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5 Signs You Are Her Side Boyfriend
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5 Signs You Are Her Side Boyfriend

Titilayo Ilori

Some ladies choose to have a boyfriend, someone they have a serious relationship with, and a side boyfriend, someone they can fall back on just in case the other one messes up. How can you tell if you are the side boyfriend? Look out for these five signs.

1. She's always distracted

Do you notice she's always distracted each time she's with you? Maybe you both are having a conversation and you have to keep repeating yourself before she responds.

2. She gets agitated each time you touch her phone

If she's always agitated each time you sit close to her phone or each time you touch her phone, then this means she's got a skeleton in her cupboard. If she's got nothing to hide, there shouldn't be a cause for alarm.

3. If she's always busy weekends

It is understandable if she tells you she's busy during the day but being busy during the weekend is not an excuse. If she continues giving you excuses of how she can't come over, then she's seeing someone else.

4. She does not pick her calls in your presence

There is no reason why your so-called girlfriend would have to excuse herself to pick her call. This simply means she is hiding something from you.

5. She doesn't like going out with you

If she does not like attending parties or going shopping with you, if she prefers to go alone, this means she is scared of someone seeing both of you together or running into someone who might know her other boyfriend.