4 Ways To Relax After A Hard Day’s Work

4 Ways To Relax After A Hard Day’s Work

Kevin David

Kevin David

It's 5 pm, closing time!!! Some of us already closed by 3 o'clock in our heads. Thank God for WhatsApp desktop. It does well to make us look efficient; look at me typing away!

For those of us millennials that aren't entrepreneurs chasing our dreams or having our dreams chase us, those of us 'working for the man' with an 8 or 9 to 5 or 6, we at least have leaving the office to look forward to every day.

However, after leaving the office we are faced with another challenge, we're stuck not knowing what to do with ourselves afterwards.

So, let's look at the most obvious things you can do and the reasons why you should actually do them or continue to do them. We'll also look at some not so obvious ones.

1. Sleep!

Like we said, it’s obvious, but critically looking at the average Nigerian student, or working-class adult, sleep is one of the essential things we need that we don't get enough of, right next to food, rest, fun, love, money, respect, appreciation, and you can add to the list. You are most likely up by 4 or 5 am every day and don't get any sleep till 11, 12, 1, 2 or 3 am ... you know yourself. So yes, when you get home, get some food, take a shower, drop your phone and sleep!

2. Catch up on your hobbies

On your CV, you wrote like eight hobbies, including reading, thinking, swimming, cooking, writing, hanging out with friends, watching movies, listening to music e.t.c When was the last time you actually did any of these things not because you had to but because you wanted to have fun? Some of us even have hobbies we don't know we have. I actually like watching movies but I'm too busy thinking I'm not serious with my life and movies can't help me. Don't be like me. Live a little remembering that everything should be done in moderation.

3. Catch up with people you like

If you're like me, some times, you don't get to respond to any of your messages all day and then you get home and you're too tired to stay up to keep any meaningful conversation and so you end up procrastinating that plan you had to finally start on that dream of yours because you haven't been able to message that friend of yours that you know can help you.

Plan that meeting or hang out with your G's or get home early and gist with your mom, listen to your girlfriend, rant for a bit, try sending that message to Don Jazzy, you might just be the marriage he's looking for.

4. Turn on your favourite playlist, pour out your favourite drink and journal your plans

There's something about listening to the right song at the right time. It can do wonders to your productivity. Try songs you don't know, it helps you feel new things which in turn can help with your creativity. We all need to feel something more in life and hope is that one thing that helps you connect to something more. So, sit down and dream.

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