5 Ways To Make Him Notice You

5 Ways To Make Him Notice You

Want him to notice you? Learn five ways to make it happen.

Kevin David

Kevin David

Flirting isn't what they teach you in school. In fact, girls aren't allowed to flirt because they are considered loose if they do. Sometimes, you need to let him know you're interested without saying a word. Check out some ways to get him to notice you without actually saying it.

1. Smile

Don't go smiling like your smile button is broken. Be gentle about it. Smiling helps you look warm and approachable. It shows you're human and guys generally appreciate positive reactions from girls and the simplest, most harmless means of communication and expression is a smile. They might seem tough but men also want to feel safe around women, and a smile is the easiest way to let him know that subconsciously.

2. Understand indirect speech

The art of flirting and seduction is in everything you are not saying and not doing. That's the key to giving and getting the right vibes. This works for both guys and girls, but it does require some level of intelligence or wit. The act requires you to give out as little information as possible to keep your partner interested and inquisitive.

3. Understand the basics

Look good, smell good, talk nice.

You've heard it a billion times - men are visual beings. You can't take the way you look for granted, but if you don't care about how you look, at least smell nice, and if you must smell normal and look regular, at least speak spectacularly. You'll demand respect from him when you're smart and confident.

4. Be yourself

Guys can tell when a girl is being fake, and the few good guys will always recognize 'real'. Let him get to know you and let him like you for all of you.

5. Take care of yourself

Sometimes the way you see yourself is the way people see you. Your attitude and character say a lot. Fix yourself. If you can't respect people, don't expect people to respect you. If you're not nice to people, don’t expect people to be nice to you.

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