3 Reasons Why Women Cheat

3 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Kevin David

Kevin David

Cheating is a topic we never get tired of talking about, until we do get tired of talking about it. According to societal stereotype, men are the more obvious cheats, maybe because they are bad at it and get caught so much.

Women, on the other hand, are known to be loyalists and described in terms such as 'ride or die'. They are known to be full lovers and can be committed to one man for long periods of time. However, women have been known to be prolific cheats and here are some reasons why.

1. Payback

It's no news that women can be vindictive, especially when they have been hurt. And because women are instinctive and can be naturally manipulated or secretive, they tend to execute their revenge in more hurtful ways.

2. Dissatisfation.

This is probably the most popular point because, the truth is, women can also like to try different types of soup and don't want to be stuck with only egusi all their lives. We need to acknowledge that and it's not because men do it and the world thinks it is okay, that is why women want to indulge as well. No, it's because every human has a nature that wants to keep wanting. It is not peculiar to men alone. Let's break it down.

Apart from unsatisfactory sex or money or love and attention, a woman can be unsatisfied with her general choice of being with you based on the person you have come to be in the relationship. She might love and appreciate many things about you but might be accommodating your attitude that is usually difficult to highlight. Relationships generally have a way of creating a familiarity or comfortablilty. We like to call it 'see me finish'. She might just simply be seeking a different type of excitement.

3. Self-deceit

This is probably the least recognized because of women won't admit to it. Sometimes, women cheat because they tell themselves it's not a bad thing or that they don't mean it or it doesn't matter because he will never know or because he probably knows I'm cheating and he's fine about it because he's probably doing it to.

A woman can make herself believe that she's not cheating even when she is and that's probably the most dangerous reason for a woman to cheat because it means she literally can be living a whole other life, calculated to ensure that you can not pin it on her and still be devoted to you and show you undying love. She will build with you and be the best thing that ever happened to you but tell herself that the other guys don't matter.

A self-deceived women is a dangerous women.

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