5 Features Of True Friendship

Kevin David

Kevin David

Just like romantic relationships, friendships can be a big deal sometimes. People yearn for close relationships that allow them to benefit in many different ways. What people look for in a friendship might differ with each person’s personality. Let's look at some general qualities that you should want from and give to a friend.

1. A safe space

Judging is a no-no in a friendship. Friends should feel safe and free to express themselves and be who they really are around each other. This way, you can help each other correct your wrong attitudes or see each other’s weaknesses so as to be a support system to each other.

2. A support system

You should have people to call when certain things aren't right. Or when things are right and you need help to make them better.

3. A truth circle

You want to always be able to say and hear the truth from your friends no matter what.

4. Good energy

Things like gossip, backstabbing, too much drama, lies, cheating and stealing should not be tolerated.

5. Longevity

Some good friendships can be 3 months old, but it gladdens the heart when you know that you have someone who's going to be there for a long time, not just for the good times.

Like all relationships, friendships need work, effort, actions, and not just words. Forgiveness is also a great ingredient. You'll need to invest time, money, and be selfless and even protective some times. Don't settle for less. Once the friendship is not mutual, one party will suffer financially, emotionally or otherwise. And sometimes you need to not try so hard because you can be needy and clingy in a friendship as well.

You will have a connection with your friend. It is not sexual, and you will be able to tell the difference, but you're the only know who knows what you feel. If they don't feel the same way, they won't act the same way. It's just that simple.

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