Love: Experiencing It In Different Ways

Love: Experiencing It In Different Ways

Kevin David

Kevin David

If there's one thing I've come to learn, it's that there's a difference between knowing and understanding. It's so huge and we will definitely talk about this difference soon.

Love is everything you know it to be, the good, the bad and the ugly. It's all the love songs and movies but maybe not exactly so, in Nigeria, for a few reasons I shall discuss below.

First off, what is the difference between a date, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a relationship, going out and seeing someone? We will answer that when we talk about relationships.

But what they didn't tell you is you can have more than one true love. And you can love more than one person. It's like having a best friend and friends. You can have more than one best friend and have many friends. Your friends are important to you but your best friends are higher up in the hierarchy. So, you can have more than one true love and many other people you love and it can all be genuine, especially if you are as in love with life as I am.

You fall in love with the details that make a person who they are and you fall in love with the way they make you feel, and different people can make you feel different ways, especially when you get to meet people from completely different places with completely different backgrounds. So, no, all men are not the same and all women are not liars.

When you experience love in so many different ways, it allows you to have various channels of happiness, depending on how you break up with these people. If you dated someone who had an amazing sense of humour and was the American dream lady that is expressive and was the one who asked you out and could shout from the top of the Eiffel Tower that they loved you, you would be happy every time you watch a romantic comedy because you know that you have experienced love in that form.

If you dated the smart guy that always put you in his plans for the future and always tried to show you that he loved you rather than just saying it, then you would be happy when you think about being valued so much because you have been loved that way.

When you finally meet the one you decide to spend forever with, you'll be able to say it's not for the humour or for the smartness or beauty or gifts; it's because I've had all those things and they didn't last, it's because whatever I was looking for and didn't find in all these wonderful expressions of love, I've found it in you.

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