4 Types Of Music That Define Your Personality

4 Types Of Music That Define Your Personality

Kevin David

Kevin David

Music is a wonderful companion. It appreciates as the listener relates with its lyrics, melody, harmony, its rhymes and rhythms. Each cord or progression resonates with its listener differently. Different genres help to streamline certain emotions we feel as we listen due to the different instruments used and how they are used to produce certain sounds, due to the lyrics or words of the songs, or the personalities behind the music.

Music has the tendency to define who you are or what your emotional state is. The type of music you like to listen to can speak of your intelligence, behavioural characteristics and general tendencies. Let’s look at some types of music and see what they say about who you are.

1. Classical instrumental music

It is a general assumption that people who listen to classical music are intelligent. Well, it might just be true. Classical music can be complex and difficult to relate with, being that this type of music has no words or lyrics. People who listen to classical instrumentals are usually critical thinkers. To listen to classical music and actually enjoy it, you must have an understanding of how the music is composed, the complexity and skill that is in every cord and tune and crescendo and basically the detail of the music. So, you will be one who looks for a deeper meaning to things. You are also probably someone who is trying to learn how to work with your mind and create the right environment to gather your thoughts. You will be a respecter of Art and of life and be one to pay attention to details.

2. Indie Music

Independent music possesses so much potential. If you listen to this sort of music, you will be the type to stand out of a crowd. You have a unique thought process and do not appreciate things that everyone likes. You are a free spirit and may be stubborn. You are also someone who likes to try new things. You look for and appreciate quality in lyrics or production or creativity or the general sound of the music over anything.

3. Pop music

If you listen to this kind of music, you love to be in the know, on top of the latest information, trends and lifestyle. You are lively and young at heart. You live for the drama and you like to have a good time.

4. Rock music

You are blunt and straightforward, not very patient and you don’t have time for BS. You appreciate honesty and might be loved by people but appreciate self-thought and alone time. You are bold and do not have a problem with being different or thinking different.

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