Should Cheating Be A Deal Breaker?

What should you do when your partner cheats? Find valid reasons to leave or stay here!

Kevin David

Kevin David

There is no single rule that fits all when it comes to relationships - straight, gay and lesbian relationships. Backgrounds play a huge role in how we see cheating and if it is a deal breaker.

Oftentimes, people raised in loving, happy homes grow up with a firm image of an exclusive monogamous relationship and people from polygamous homes or homes where one parent cheats a lot and the other has to make do, usually don't see anything wrong with cheating.

So, cheating would usually be a "to each his own" point of view. That said, cheating is bad and it is wrong to try to justify it by saying monogamy is a flawed idea or that boys will be boys.

How do you cope when your significant other cheats? First off, it helps to ask questions before embarking on a relationship. Ask them about their family life and growing up years. This helps to give insight into how they were formed and if cheating is something they consider serious or not.

It also helps to ask them to tell you their bad habits. Yeah! People are fond of asking potential partners what their likes and dislikes are. Of course, they would tell you they like honesty and dislike dishonesty. Rather, tickle their brain, throw them off, ask them for their bad habits, and if you're convinced they are a disaster waiting to happen, don't assume you can change them. It will take a lot to correct what has been formed over the course of their lifetime so far.

And if you are already in the relationship and they cheat, it helps not to nag or scream, because they would put up a defensive mechanism to absorb your rants. Take him or her by surprise and act like nothing happened. Over the course of a meal, provide the receipts of their cheating and ask how it went.

It totally throws them off guard. Ask if it was something you weren't doing right or if it was just a thrill for them. Ask if what they want is an open relationship or if they are committed to making an exclusive monogamous relationship work. And if that isn't working, rattle them with you leaving the relationship. If they don’t flinch, that's a sign you should move on. It doesn't help having love scars over your heart for someone who doesn't even care how their actions are hurting you and the risks thereof.

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