4 Simple Skincare Tips For Men To Get That Glowing Skin 

4 Simple Skincare Tips For Men To Get That Glowing Skin 

Men! Want that glowing skin? This is for you!

Kevin David

Kevin David

Men are said to be visual beings, as they are said to think of sex every thirty second. So, it makes perfect sense to pay attention to their appearance, especially their skin. Men are usually seen as not being so invested in the health and appearance of their skin.

Some men don't mind using any type of soap to shower and just pat their cream on their bums, feet and neck. This is wrong!

Majority of others who seem to be quite interested in skincare, especially in the queer world, that is the effeminate ones, don't have the requisite  knowledge of what is right or wrong in the choice of their skincare products and why it is necessary to have a routine - whether effeminate or not. Most just believe in slathering on bleaching creams and that's about it. This is wrong, too!

So today, you will learn the basics of skincare for men and simple detox routine to help revitalize your organs from within, as the condition of your skin on the surface is a reflection of what goes on within your body.

1. Double Cleanse

Every day and night, it is necessary to take off dirt, sweat, grime and pollution from our skin, and using only soap and water isn't enough. This is because our skin produces an oily substance called sebum which traps dirt and sweat, and as water and oil don't mix, it makes perfect sense then to first off apply oil on dry skin for a few seconds and wash off with a non-drying soap.
2. Exfoliate

To have gorgeous skin, you have to learn to stop using your sponge every day. This is in itself, an act of exfoliation, which is the process of sloughing off dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, preventing you to look popping with great skin goodness. It should be done only twice to thrice a week and at night.

3. Moisturize

There's a reason a cream works for your friend but doesn't work for you. This is because there are skin types and if you don't get a cream for your skin type, you will constantly struggle with your moisturizer. There's oily, combination, dry, normal skin, so you have to pick what products suit your skin. Don't just pick any cream. In our next post on skincare, we will be detailing what to look out for when buying moisturizer for your skin type and how to know your skin type and why you should never skip moisturizing no matter what.

4. Use sunscreen

Black people generally don't think they need sunscreen. After all, black don't crack. Don't be deluded. Black skin might not burn easily but it does burn and is prone to hyperpigmentation because of our active melanin as black people, a condition of darkened parts of the body, especially the exposed areas to the sun. You need to apply sunscreen, as it is a hack to youthful looking skin and keeping aging at bay.

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