5 Reasons Your Acne Products Are Not Working

Wondering why your acne just won’t go away? This may be why!

Kevin David

Kevin David

Are you sick of your clogged pores? So many people have dabbled with a number of acne products and nothing seems to work.

Before you throw them out, find out below if you aren't making these mistakes.

1. You expect instant results

Acne treatment products require patience. The skin itself has a cycle and it can take four weeks before you start seeing results. So, you have to give it time.

2. You're hopping around products

If you alternate between products, you won't see considerable results, as you aren't giving each the time to track progress.

3. You're overdoing it

Acne is like open wound that requires a gentle approach to healing. Overusing products can lead to it getting worse.

4. You're picking at your face

You need to stop doing that. Your hands carry germs at all times and stop picking at acne that are in themselves a kind of wound. Don't touch your face unless your hands are washed and don't pop your acne.

5. Your lifestyle habits are not promoting clear skin

If you smoke, use drugs, or eat problem foods like dairy and sugar, the acne won't go away.

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