Fear of running into an ex
Fear of running into an ex

6 Tips On How To Deal With Those Awkward Moments Of Running Into Your Ex

Dreading the awkward moments of running into your ex? Find tips on how to deal with such moments here!

Kevin David

Kevin David

Bumping into an ex is one of those unsavoury moments of life that leaves us either wishing we could enter the ground in sheer fright or looking to count scores with them.

All the emotional investments made through the course of the relationship do play a big role on our reaction, good or bad, but here are a few expert tips on how to stay classy and leave them wondering if you ever mattered to them.

1. Don't panic

Your initial reaction when you bump into them determines if you give them the power over how that meeting will go. Act composed with a smile, even if you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions of either resentment or excitement.

2. Don't be petty

This is not the time to dig up past issues, rather, act as though they are in your past and that's where they would stay. Be the bigger person.

3. Don't feign affection

Except you are the cause of the breakup, you really shouldn't be sending out mixed signals, be cool, be authentic.

4. Don’t read meanings

If there was a deep history, you could be tempted to read meanings into certain gestures. Try to be blind to them.

5. Don't get carried away

Don't get carried away by unduly long conversations, keep it cute and precise. It leaves the other party wondering what is going through your mind.

6. Don't apologize

Don't do this, as it has a way of opening emotional floodgates which you didn't bargain for.

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