How To Build A Routine For Your Skin From Scratch

Kevin David

Kevin David

There are so many people struggling to maintain and stick to a skincare routine. Even if you have naturally great skin, you still have to maintain it, otherwise you'll lose it. While some want to commit to a routine, others want something simple to get used to first before gradually building up but don't know where to start from. They feel a 10-step routine is too much and want like a 3-step to start with.

So, if you're in this boat, take a sit. The first step is to know your skin type. Are you dry? This means your face often feels tight, never quite quenched and you experience flaky skin. Or are you oily? This means you look shiny, have blackheads or acne. Do you have a combination skin, which could be for example, your T-zone is oily while your cheeks are dry or yours is normal? We have a simple routine to suit all types.

Once you've figured out your skin type, it's time to build a regimen. I'll suggest you start with the 3 basics, a cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen.

1. For dry skin

It's all about hydration, hydration hydration. You want a cleanser that's non-stripping, so you need to double cleanse. That's the ultimate first step. So, try the MBMB Itop cleansing oil to get your makeup, sunscreen, oil based dirt off before washing with the MBMB herbal glow soap to effectively cleanse the skin. Your moisturizer should be a mix of humectants, that is hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, emmolients, and occlusives like shea butter, glycerin, honey etc to help trap moisture on your skin. Then you need a hydrating based sunscreen to be applied every day, whether rain or shine.

2. For oily skin

Like the above, you need to double cleanse like a pro. You need the MBMB Itop cleansing oil before using a soapy cleanser in the form of the MBMB herbal glow soap which is exfoliating and effectively tackles acne and skin blemishes. Then you need a watery based sunscreen.

3. For combination skin

You need to find a balance. You need a not too thick nor too light moisturizer. You definitely need to double cleanse by using the MBMB Itop cleansing oil and glow soap, then a mattifying sunscreen.

4. For normal skin types

Aren't you lucky? Anything goes with you guys, but you also need to double cleanse and use glow soap, all from the MBMB range.

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