4 Creative Ways to Ask A Guy Out 
Girl and guy on a date 

4 Creative Ways to Ask A Guy Out 

These are some of the most creative ways ever to ask a guy out.

Rejoice Obike

We have a lot of unlearning to do, especially when it comes to dating. Women have been convinced that a man has to do the chasing, and she waits, anticipates while playing “hard-to-get.”

The concept of not-playing-hard-to-get has been reduced to mean cheap. Even as young teenager girls, we were taught to look good; wear tight jeans, short skirts, and lipsticks, for boys to chase us. Pretence is an art form women indulge in. Tell him you would think about it when he asks you out. Prepare to be the trophy every man wants, don't pick his calls at first ring, take your time.

Women keep trying so hard to impress, to appear so worthy of a man's time. We attach shame to these things, to relegate her feelings and how she really feels. And this is why the phrase “shoot your shot” is making the idea of women asking a man out less shameful. Confused about how to go about asking a man out, here are ways to do so.

1. Invite him out

If you are friends with him, rather than just exchanging glances and smiles, invite him to go out with you and your friends. Maybe he is your colleague at work, or a neighbour you have the hots for and spend time with. So, instead of just having monosyllabic conversations with him, ask if he would be interested in hanging out with you during the weekend, at the beach, to play a game, or to a block party. You can get to know him better before getting your intentions out.

2. Flirt with him

Touch him when you both are having a conversation. But don't come on too strong. Getting extremely flirty can be annoying. Lean forward and whisper something to him, a flirty comment like: “I like your eyes or shirt,” then clasp his hands, and loosely lock your fingers with his. Keeping distance throughout the conversation and suddenly coming close to him, leaves him confused and wanting you closer. It would make him blush. If he's smart, he would know these are green lights that you are interested.

3. Watch a movie together

You can plan a neutral movie date at home with him. Pick a good romantic comedy movie that's isn't too cliched. Pop the popcorns yourself or buy them, bring juices and a blanket (this would work well in a cold weather). When you both have watched through half of the movie, especially during the lovey-dovey scene, lean closer to him and cuddle (but make sure to watch his body language before you lean forward).

Or go to the cinema, pick a movie you both would love. If it is a horror movie, act scared when you are not, squeeze his hand and hold it in a grip. During a romantic movie, steal glances at him, lean closer often. After the movie, tell him how you had a nice time and would love to do it next time. Plan something a few days later.

4. Write him notes or tell him

If you are shy to tell him, you can slip him notes just like in secondary school, write how you feel about him. Or sit down with him, and tell him how you have started to grow fond of him. Talk about how much time you both have been spending together, how much of a nice guy he is, tell him you like him and would want a relationship to spring from the friendship.

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