How To Gain Muscles As A Skinny Guy

How To Gain Muscles As A Skinny Guy

Kevin David

Kevin David

A great muscular body is appealing, and with summer almost here, so many men would love to show off their great bodies. Try as they may, though, some men just can't pile on the mass.

Most health articles focus on weight loss, making it hard to find a solution to the issue. Here are a few tips that will help you gain muscle mass.

1. Consume enough carbs and fat

Muscle gain and protein go together, but to gain mass, you need carbs and fat as they serve as fuel through your rigorous workout exercise, else your gruelling workout will power itself through your immune system. So, take high quality carbs like whole grains, grainy breads, brown pasta, and oily fish.

2. Eat more

It goes without saying, you constantly need those extra calories to run your metabolism while you exercise. If you struggle to eat much, feed on energy dense meals like nuts, seeds, eggs, avocado. Eat carbs before workout and proteins afterwards to feed worn-out tissues.

3. Eat clean

Being skinny oftentimes gives people the license to eat whatever they want. But no, you have to eat nutritious food to have a well-formed body.
4. Be patient

Weight gain is a slow process. You have to give it time to reach your goals.

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