How To Move From Being A Side Chick To The Main Chick

How To Move From Being A Side Chick To The Main Chick

Want to move up the ladder, from being the side chick to the main chick? Read these tips!

Kevin David

Kevin David

So many women are in relationships, not as the main chick but as the other woman, some by choice, others by fate or chance.

Some are either in it for the money or genuinely love the guy. But there are ways to move from being the side piece to being the main deal. Read on to know how.

1. Don’t be too available

If you want the guy to miss you and get a lot of attention from him, you need to make yourself unavailable most of the time. When he does not get a lot of chances to see you, you will make him miss you much, resulting in him thinking about you. When he does, chances are high he might make you the main chick.

2. Accept the reality

If you know you are the side chick, you need to understand you are not alone. By accepting the reality of things, you will not cause problems for the guy and he might actually end up falling for you, thinking you are more chill.

3. Stop thinking he will leave her for you

It helps to live life without expectations. Don’t start imagining that he will leave her for you because you might end up hurt. Just enjoy your life and let things flow naturally. You never can say, things might just tilt your way.

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