Why Poor Guys Leave Their Long Term Partners When They Become Successful

Why Poor Guys Leave Their Long Term Partners When They Become Successful

Kevin David

Kevin David

It feels like a huge theft has befallen one as a girl when after sticking with a guy through his broke and broken years, he suddenly becomes wealthy and dumps you for another.

They are usually praised and approved by almost everyone for sticking by and while that may be a testament to the girl's praiseworthy character, no one cares once the guy goes and she ends up falling short at the end.

This is the reason. A lady sticks with a man while he's growing his financial IQ, but the girl doesn't.

Attaining financial heights is a function of financial education and that promotes assets but frowns at liability. As you know, assets put money in our pockets while liability takes money out.

A poorly resourceful lady might be an asset to a struggling man because she supplies his emotional needs despite his low financial state but when he grows IQ and gets rich, he would assume he can get another woman who is equally emotionally sound and giving and also financially savvy. If she had failed to grow her fianacial IQ along with him, she will depend on him for all her financial and material needs, thus becoming less attractive to the man  but if she grew her financial IQ along with the man, chances are that their attraction endures and their love blossoms.

Between a financially educated partner and an uneducated one, fights about money will constantly crop up and most of the time, instigated by the one with low financial IQ.

So more often than not, the one who walks away is the one with the money which in this context is the man. You can call him all you want, it's not a gender thing, it's a growth thing, same way a financially educated lady dumps their financially uneducated male partner when they no longer agree.

The modern woman will assert that being with a struggling man is one of the most uncalculated risks to take since he could dump you once he finds wealth. It takes more than emotions to keep a man, develop your financial skills too so your rich partner can find you intriguing and avoiding stories that touch.

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