5 Areas Of Your Skin You Should Not Neglect 

Are you neglecting these parts of your body? See reasons why you shouldn’t.

Kevin David

Kevin David

More often than not, the face tends to get all the attention when it comes to skincare But people forget that the rest of the skin deserves as much attention.

1. Your neck

Often overlooked, this part of your body has thin skin and works so hard from turning everywhere, straining etc. It thus becomes one of the first parts of your body to reveal your age. Pay attention by running serums and moisturizer over it in upward strokes to keep the area lifted.

2. Chest

Many people, especially women, don't have a cleavage worth displaying, as it is ridden with patches of skin colour and black spots. The chest, like the neck and face, has thin skin and it could sometimes break out in chest acne for many reasons. It, therefore, makes sense to remember your chest in serums and moisturizer application as well as sunscreen.

3. Elbows

So many people spot dark and rough looking elbows and this is not surprising considering that the elbow is one of the most neglected parts of the skin, probably because if its location. It is easy to dismiss it as not important until you take group photographs and you see your dark elbow stand out so hideously against your skin. Proper exfoliation and moisturizing is key.
4. Legs

This is especially common among men. They tend to have scaly looking legs because their legs haven’t had a decent moisturizer in years. This is unsightly and does not speak well of one. Ensure you slather moisturizer over your legs to create a uniform complexion and keep it looking well, smooth and healthy.

5. Butt

So many people have scaly skin over their butt or their butt is so black they cannot afford to wear a bikini. This is from years of lack of care. For guys, other than squats at the gym, they don't pay their behind any care. This makes dead skin pile up on their buttocks, which is irritating to say the least.

Exfoliate your butt as at when due, moisturize it and wear cotton made underwear.

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