Living alone
Living alone

4 Reasons You Should Live Alone

Haven’t quite made up your mind about living alone? These five reasons should help you decide.

Kevin David

Kevin David

For everyone, life gives or shows a different face. It can be fun or fancy or lonely and serious or anything. It all depends on our different environments or generally what life throws at us.

For different people, different things apply. Some people are warm and lovely almost all the time. They require to be around people to glow, bloom and blossom. Some other people are lone wolves and prefer their space. But here are a few reasons why being alone for a while is key.

1. You have your peace of mind

There’s nothing like peace of mind. You can walk around naked, leave the dishes in the sink for as long as you like, not worry about who’s turn it is to pay the electricity bill or who finished the cereal or who is sharing your shoes or clothes or cosmetics with you. You can just be and have your peace without the hassles of work, life and family. It is really nice to sometimes just know when you get home you don’t have to answer to anyone and you can scream if you have to and just be.

2. You find yourself

It’s funny how it takes you being by yourself sometimes to realise all those things your mom said about you were true and you need to fix them. You now realise that you can be pretty messy and you can’t live with yourself. So, you need to clean up more often. Or it dawns on you that you will go broke if you don’t learn to cook. You have to cook and you realise you actually love it. You find out so much about yourself when you’re by yourself, the things you like and don’t like, how disciplined and strong willed you can be. You start to form new habits that help shape your life, like exercising or starting a diet or keeping to a steady sleep pattern. You get to analyse old ones and get to see yourself in a perspective that can help you become better.

3. You have your space

When you live alone, you know where everything is, you can accommodate your things and keep them where you want to. You have no fear that someone has moved it, and depending on how organized you are, this can be such a weight off your shoulders to just know that you have your space and your things are where you want them to be. You can also bring in whoever you want and keep out whoever you don’t want. You can explore the possibilities of living alone and learn your boundaries and limits.

4. It gives you time

Living alone gives you time for yourself. There is no need to think of how other people fit into your schedule, no need to cook breakfast for five people, which means you have to wake up 2 hours earlier than you normally need to, no need to help anyone with errands you didn’t plan to do. Those extra hours or minutes that you have can be used to rest more or read or catch up on things you actually like to do and truly maximise yourself.

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