Daily routine
Daily routine

4 Daily Habits You Should Never Break 

Kevin David

Kevin David

Our daily routine is built on our frequent activities or habits and hobbies, the people we surround ourselves with and the way we associate with them. These things, of course, differ as we are presented with life’s phases and graces but regardless of who you are, there are some basic things that should always be on your itinerary.

1. Praying or meditating

We acknowledge that some of us do not believe in a supernatural being or powerful force or spiritual being, but for those of us that do, it is quite important for us to connect with our spiritual side every day. It gives direction in the day and can help to start the day with a clear head and a focused mind. Connection to something bigger than you every day can give you the drive and purpose you need to keep going and feel useful and purposeful even when things don’t go the way you hoped. It can give you a sense of protection and an assurance that you are able and equipped to take on the day.

2. Eating

It might sound dumb because, of course, you have to eat. But we can get so caught up in our day that we forget to eat or just don’t have the time to. The damage that this can cause to the body and your overall performance can be detrimental. You feel weak and fatigued, uncoordinated and light headed, you are crankier and more irritable and you find it difficult to concentrate and be productive. Please, make out time to eat something.

3. Sleeping

Again, this is essential. Your body is the only place you have to live, so take care of it. You need to be able to get in at least six hours of sleep every day. Even machines need to be turned off for some time to prevent overheating. You need sleep to function on an optimal level.

4. Checking up on people you love

Make a list if you have to, but stay connected with people you love. You need to make out time every day for people who make you who you are. A phone call or message or visit can go a long way in helping put fire in your eyes and warmth in your heart. Just letting the people you love know that you appreciate them or you are thinking about them goes a long way in making even you happy.

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