Cheating partner
Cheating partner

5 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating 

Kevin David

Kevin David

Relationships are interesting because you can make them whatever you want them to be. They can be all encompassing due to the high levels of intimacy involved and the type of relationship you are in. The deeper the level of intimacy, the easier it is to identify a cheating partner. Check out ways to identify a cheating partner below.

1. Emotional Disconnection

Asides sexual intimacy, the most important determiner in a relationship is your emotional connection with your partner. Emotional connection does not only mean butterflies. It reflects in the level of intellect in your conversations, the way you connect during those conversations, how quickly you observe the most minute things about your partner and how you respond to these things. Once your partner starts to disconnect on all these levels you can suspect something fishy.

2. Neglect

There is something wrong once your partner starts to neglect your needs or intimate moments, your need for their attention or advice or your need for anything. Notice we said need, not want. If your needs are being neglected, then you can start to suspect your partner of cheating.

3. Secrecy

This is one of the major whistle blowers, but asides your partner not showing you their phones or canceling appointments or coming home late, you can notice from the things that they say but don’t say. For example, the new person that they just met that they say too much about but not enough about. Once you can detect a tone of unwarranted defensiveness or a need to prove the persons’ goodness, it is always advisable to throw them off guard but ask them straight and express your concerns.

4. Ask

Sometimes you just need to come out straight with it and ask when you’re not confident of the status of your relationship. You’ll be surprised how honestly they will be when they are actually confronted about it.

5. Sloppiness

Some cheating partners are just sloppy with their unfaithfulness. You have to observe their demeanour or body language when they hang out with their friends. It is sometimes all in the details that they ignore or the errors that they make.

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