Vaginal Itching: Causes And Remedies
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Vaginal Itching: Causes And Remedies

Titilayo Ilori

Vaginal itching can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. This is common among women who are at their reproductive age. It also occurs during and after a woman's menstrual circle.

It can be caused mostly by vaginal dryness, hormonal changes, and infections. If you are experiencing vaginal itching as well as vaginal discharge with an abnormal colour or thickness, it means you have a vaginal infection.

Find five ways to prevent vaginal itching below:

1.  Keep your vagina clean

It is important to keep your vagina and its surroundings clean at all times by washing it regularly. Avoid using perfume and soap that contain chemicals to wash your private parts.

2.  Improve your hygiene routine when on your menstrual period

Always keep your vagina clean and dry during and after your menstrual period to avoid a yeast infection.

3. Do not use vaginal lubricants indiscriminately

Do not use any vaginal lubricant that contains chemical products, as it can cause itching.

4. Use only disposable pads for your period

Avoid reusing sanitary towels or rags. Stay away from tampons because they will create more room for bacteria to grow around the vagina.

5. Avoid probiotic foods

Always consume foods that are rich sources of probiotics. They will help you fight the bacteria. Some of such foods include yogurt, pickles, dairy drink, etc

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