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Learn How To Take Care Of Your Gut In 5 Simple Ways

Learn How To Take Care Of Your Gut In 5 Simple Ways

Kevin David

Kevin David

The intestine is where the core of our immune system lies and whatever happens to our health is initially triggered off by a comprising situation in our gut system.

Our gut system consists of the small and large intestines, colon, the kidneys and liver, rectum, etc and once you take good care of it, you will have fewer cases of terminal or even lifestyle diseases. As the proverbial saying goes, you are what you eat. So, how do we take care of our gut system?

1. Cut off unhealthy meals

We live in a fast-paced world and people rarely have time to cook, so they resort to junk foods for survival.

These food are detrimental to the survival of our lives and bodies because the body doesn't recognise them as food but as toxins and works overdrive to cleanse the body of these materials. When you continually feed your body with junk food and your body can no longer take it, it screams out by giving you symptoms of terminal diseases.

Baked food is no longer food, as it has been heated to unhealthy levels and becomes something else. Dairy and sugar are highly inflammatory foods that should be cut off but the food industry in order to make profit, tells you to keep taking them.

2. Go on a juice fast

Juice fasting is amazing for the system. It takes hours for the system to effectively digest food, and when within a few hours, it has to work again, you literally stress it but when you give it breaks to fast and take fruit juices only, it helps your body detox by flushing out old fluids and renewing with fresh fluids. By doing that, it undoes illnesses that might be forming in your body, with you experiencing flash symptoms of such illnesses but its not a cause for worry. You will notice you have a new lease of energy, strength and great looking skin after undergoing a fast.

3. Incorporate herbs and spices into your diet

Herbs and spices, like ginger, garlic and turmeric, black seed etc are amazing herbs that help purify our system, release kidney stones, help keep illnesses at bay. You can incorporate them into your diet in form of powders and take a little spoonful and flush down with water to prevent bad breath. This will help kill all forms of inflammation in your system and keep you healthy and neutralise diseases.

4. Exercises

Even as little as brisk walking around for a while helps your heart function optimally, keeps you alert, relaxes you and ultimately, keeps you healthier. Reduce starchy food intake, red meat, dairy and do the above often and you will live life to its fullest, feeling your healthiest self. So, take care of your health, take the cues above, make the required changes and live healthily