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3 Reasons Why Your Cleanser Isn’t Working

Kevin David

Kevin David

If you religiously cleanse your skin but it never feels totally clean or clear, it must mean you aren't getting the most from your cleanser.

As you know, cleansing is one of the most important things to do for the overall health of our skin. Debris could build up on your skin over the course of a day or night, and if your skin isn't clean, every other routine is a waste of time. So, here are a few mistakes people make and ways to change your cleansing game.

1. You are not using an oil cleanser

Your skin gets clogged up with two types of debris, oil based impurities consisting of sunscreen, makeup and sebum, then water based impurities consisting of dirt and sweat. Now oil, not water, best breaks down the oil based dirt while water best breaks down water based dirt.

2. You are applying oil cleanser on wet or damp skin

Oil cleansers work best on dry skin, not wet. You should massage it into the skin to draw out oil based impurities then rub for a few seconds before you wash off.

3. You are not cleansing long enough

When you rush your routine, it makes the process useless. Oil cleansing shouldn't take more than 20 seconds, so it should not be rushed