Is Your Skincare Product Working? Find Out In 3 Easy Steps

Want to know if your skincare product is effective? Try these three easy steps.

Kevin David

Kevin David

There are so many products in the market that figuring which ones actually work can be daunting.

So here are a few ways to determine if a product is working or not.

1. Give it a fair shot

Before you write off a product entirely, make sure you've given it a fair shot. It takes several weeks of consistent use to begin to see the benefits, so don't give up just yet. Barring any adverse reaction, use regularly for 6-8 weeks before concluding it is not good.

2. Get a product with a higher concentration of the ingredients you need

If a product was working for you before and not anymore, especially if it has alpha hydroxy acids or retinol, it simply means you need a higher concentration as your skin has adjusted to the current formula and the current formula has become ineffective.

3. Introduce products one after another

If it started great but it is now burning, itching or peeling, it is possible you developed sensitivity to it. It is usually difficult to pinpoint the issue, so you go cold turkey by stopping everything then slowly introduce products one by one to see which you are reacting to.

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