3 Ways To Make Your Relaxed Hair Grow Longer
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3 Ways To Make Your Relaxed Hair Grow Longer

Want your relaxed hair to grow longer? Try these tips.

Titilayo Ilori

Applying the right relaxer on your hair will make it grow longer and fuller. Not every woman has the patience to maintain natural hair because it needs a lot of attention in order to always look neat. If left untidy, it will make a woman look rough.

Most women believe their relaxer is the cause of hair breakage, shedding and so on. If you don't take proper care of your relaxed hair, it will end up becoming damaged. These tips will help your relaxed hair grow longer, fuller and healthier.

1. Protect your temple

Always avoid styles that will draw the temple of your hair, especially weaving and braids that are too tiny and tight. Hairstyles like that will destroy your hair.

2. Do not retouch the tip of your hair

Try as much as possible not to relax the tip of your hair each time you retouch. Relaxer weakens the tip of the hair.

3. Always moisturize your hair

It is important to always moisturize your hair to avoid a dry scalp. A dry scalp can lead to hair damage and dandruff. You should also wash your hair after each weave to remove oil and dirt before making another style

4.  Always  massage your scalp

This method helps you to reduce stress and it makes your hair grow fuller. A scalp massage also stimulates the hair follicles and this will help your hair to grow.

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