How To Tell If He Is Serious About You

Want to know if he is serious about you? Watch out for these signs.

Kevin David

Kevin David

So many women seem to be perpetually trapped in a constant state of roller coaster of emotions as regards the men in their lives. "Is he into me or am I just a booty call for him? Is he as excited as I am or just faking it?" These are some of the questions they keep asking themselves. It gets worse when they can't seem to be able to profile these guys sometimes. He is neither a bad boy nor a good boy but a blend of both. Having fuck boy tendencies when it comes to intimacy but generally having a good boy mien makes it harder to dump him as a good for nothing guy.

Now, here are a few tips to help you figure out where you stand.

1. If you have not hung out during daylight or met his friends nor has he asked you to be his girl, he is probably not serious about you. It can, however, get hazy if you share the same social circle. He may justify hanging with you in public but perhaps without the knowledge of your friends.

2. If a guy likes you, he would call when he says so or text. This is a primary form of contact and communication, not through social media as that is secondary. This is because guys are hunters, so a hunter would keep his focus on the target and won't miss. But if he is not focused, then he is searching elsewhere.

3. Things escalate quickly from being friends to full on dating if he is serious about you. That is usually the goal. If he is not escalating, he is hunting and would not mind missing on the valuable entity that is you.

These tips are almost universal and are applicable in all relationships and if he exhibits these traits then you have no cause to worry as he is clearly having you for keeps and not a side piece.

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