Lightning strike
Lightning strike

5 Places You Should Stay Away From To Avoid A Lightning Strike 

Lightning strikes are common during the rainy season. Stay away from these five places if you want to avoid a lightning strike. 

Titilayo Ilori

It is dangerous to walk or stand in certain places when it rains, because of lightning strikes that are common at this time. A lightning strike can lead to a severe injury or death. Some of these places you should never be found in when there is a heavy downpour include:

1.  Under a tree

Standing under a tree is extremely dangerous, as there is every possibility that lightning will hit the tree and it can fall right on you. Lightning hits high places.

2. In the open

It is not wise to stand in an open place when it is raining. You can never tell where a lightning strike could occur.

3. Beside a window

It is not wise to stand near a window when it is raining. Most windows have metal parts that can become electrified during a lightning strike. Avoid touching or moving close to it.

4. In the shower

Taking a bath or having a shower when it is raining is dangerous. Electric current can move through the water pipes and shock you to death while taking a shower.

5. Near a glass

Standing near a glass is also not proper. A lightning strike can cause the glass to break and if you are standing close to it you can end up with a severe injury.

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