Being more sociable and approachable
Being more sociable and approachable

3 Ways To Make Yourself More Approachable

Do you want to make more friends, be more social or increase your network? This is just the right article for you.

Onyii Amarachi

Onyii Amarachi

So, people say you frown too much, and you’ve just about had it with them always asking you who pooped in your sandwich. You are ready to change things, reinvent yourself, turn your personality right around and become that fun, bubbly person who always gets along with everyone. These three steps should fix you right up.

Run the search, ‘how to brainwash yourself into believing you are another person’ on Google.

Click on the FIRST link you see.

Do whatever the article the link took you to tells you to do.

However, if you are a person with a naturally intense personality who is having some trouble dealing with people because of it, and you would like some tips to help with that, then these three steps are for you.

1. Don’t Try to Smile

I smile a lot naturally. It is my default setting.

When a person says something that confuses me, I smile. When I meet someone for the first time and feel the need to introduce myself, I smile. When someone knocks on my door at five in the morning and I open it to see a hesitant neighbour, I smile. It is a natural reaction that I have almost no control over.

Do not try to force a smile at people. They can tell it isn’t genuine. And instead of you coming off as friendly and pleasant, you just come off as creepy and possibly dangerous.

If you have a naturally stern face, you should definitely make an effort to keep it relaxed. But please, DO. NOT. FORCE. SMILES.

2. Do Not Stare into People’s Eyes When They Speak

If you’re not a natural charmer, don’t try to make up for it by staring people in the eyes when they talk to you. And if it’s something you do reflexively, stop it. Stare at the bridge of their noses instead.

When an intense person stares into someone’s eyes, it comes off more as a challenge more than anything else.

Meek people will cower from it, and avoid you as a result. Alpha types will meet you head-on, and find you annoying for reasons that they can’t quite place.

Eye contact is a useful tool in human social interactions, but not for those with the kind of face that is more intense when relaxed than many other people’s angry face.

3. Be Gentle

Try to contain your energy when you interact with others.

Be gentle. Be soft spoken. Try not to raise your shoulders too high, or puff out your chest too much. Tilt your chin downward a bit, so you’re not looking down at the person.

I know its going to be difficult, since you probably don’t even realise you’re doing them. But these little things help make you come off as gentle and unthreatening. And will make people more relaxed around you. Which is kind of the whole point.

So those are the three tips I have for you. Hope they work out.

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