15 Things Every Nigerian Lady Should Have In Her Handbag

15 Things Every Nigerian Lady Should Have In Her Handbag

Handbags are essentials for every lady. What do you need in your handbag? What should and shouldn’t be in there? Find out here!

Mercy Ebikoma

Mercy Ebikoma

1. Charger or Power bank

Power bank

The power situation in Nigeria is not constant. Sometimes, there is power and other times, you go hours or even days without light. Girl, you have to have your power bank or charger handy so your phone doesn’t go off or go on battery saver.

2. Earpiece


If you want to escape from the world, play your own music and eliminate the noise around you, then you need to include an earpiece or earbuds in your bag.

3. Change

Naira notes

Yes, you need to have some change if you don’t want to have issues with the conductor in a bus, keke driver or bike man, especially in the morning. These guys are not joking.

4. Pen and Notepad

Pen and Notepad

You need a pen and notepad for when an idea comes, to write down things you can go back to read later, to fill a bank teller or any other form or even lend the cute guy beside you who doesn’t have a pen.

5. Wallet


You should always have a wallet for your debit and credit cards, identity cards, money, business cards and whatever you might need handy.

6. Pad or Tampons

Sanitary pad

You never know when your period will decide to give you a pleasant surprise, so having an extra pad or tampon will come in handy.

7. Perfume or Body spray


After a stressful day and hours of walking under the hot, scorching sun, having a perfume or body spray will help you smell better and less sweaty.

8. Lotion or petroleum jelly


You don’t want your hands and feet dry or flaky, especially after you just washed them. Keep a tube of lotion handy in your bag.

9. Keys


Don’t forget house, office or car keys. Make sure they are in your bag.

10. Pocket Tissue or Wipes


You need these to wipe surfaces before sitting, clean dirts and when you use the rest room.

11. Phone


You should also have your phone or phones in your handbag.

12. Powder and Brush

Powder and brush

You need your powder and brush for when you need to refresh your makeup.

13. Lipstick or Lip Balm

Lip balm

To protect your lips from the harsh weather, keep your lips soft and healthy and refresh your makeup

14. Mints or Gum


To freshen your breath and keep your mouth busy, have some chewing gum in your handbag.

15. Sunglasses


Always have a pair of sunglasses in your handbag to protect your eyes from the sun and keep you looking chic.

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