4 Morning Routines To Help You Start Your Day

4 Morning Routines To Help You Start Your Day

Abayomi Afolayan

Abayomi Afolayan

Nothing feels better than the smell and sight of a new day. Every morning comes with its own freshness and for the smart ones, it is a chance to do better than the previous day. Sometimes, starting a new day might be tiring, but with these four routines you are sure to start your day in a great way. Here are four morning routines for you.

1. Start by being grateful

You know what they say about being grateful? Be grateful for what you have, so you can have more. But that's not all the benefits of being grateful. If you are grateful, especially for the little things, you get to appreciate life better and see things with a positive mindset.

Be grateful for seeing a new day.

2. Exercise

Being grateful gives you a bit of enthusiasm, so you can get out of bed and take two minutes to warm up your body (walk around the round or stretch your body) and fifteen minutes to exercise fully.

3. Set aside time for self-affirmation

Words are powerful tools in life, some motivate and some depress. Look into the mirror every morning and affirm greatness to yourself, tell that girl in the mirror that the world is under her feet and everything is under her grasp. Self-affirmation will help deal with doubts and build self-confidence which is needed to have a great day.

4. Have breakfast

Food is equally as important as any of the above. It is not healthy for you (physically and mentally) to leave home without eating. If you are someone that leaves early, you can quickly enjoy a slice of bread with egg and chase it down with warm tea or something equally light, but bottom line DO NOT leave home without something in your stomach. Do not skip breakfast.

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