Abusive relationship
Abusive relationship

4 Signs You Are In An Abusive Relationship

Margaret Solace

An abusive relationship does not have to be when he raises his hand to beat you till you’re purple or red. Emotional or physical abuse is not limited to women alone. Here are signs you’re in either one of these or even both.

• Your partner is controlling and possessive

That man is always in control of your life. You cannot do anything until you ask for his approval. You have to give details of your daily activities, down to the time you were in a restroom. He controls your calls, your bank account etc. He wants to be heard all the time, he has no time for your opinion and whatever he says is final. If he is doing this, my sister, run for your life!

• Your partner has anger issues

Your partner is always angry. They get angry at the slightest opportunity, and when they are, they spoil things, break things and often threaten your life with the broken things.

• Your partner is not supportive

When your partner is never in support of your progress, their insecurity beats you down, they body shame you, make stupid jokes about your work and body, then you are in an abusive relationship. He is trying to bring you down, so you don’t feel good about yourself.

• Your partner attempts to isolate you

Finally, he stops you from talking to your friends, your family, your neighbours. He is totally shutting you out from the rest of the world because he knows you need them and will want to leave him. Such people often threaten to commit suicide if you leave them. It’s a trap!

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