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First date
First date

6 Common First Date Mistakes 

Margaret Solace

First dates are usually tricky and you might end up with sweaty hands and feet because of your nervousness. Here are a few common mistakes we should avoid on first dates.

• Trying to please

What do you do when when that guy or girl you’ve been trying to woo finally agrees to a date? You become happy and a little nervous, you want to do everything possible to please them on your first date, you buy new shoes and sometimes try to ignore their manners.

• Bragging

The date is for both of you but you go on all day or night talking about yourself. It’s nice to let your partner know what you’re into but not when you refuse to give them an opportunity to talk.

• Bringing the ex

You’re either talking about how you miss your ex or what your ex did. Such talks are going to bore your date, and with the little you talk about, they are going to imagine the same thing will happen to them.

• Arriving late

Do not be late to your date no matter what. A lady has an extra five minutes to make the guy wait only if he’s picking you up. But if he is not, you’re expected to be on time.

• Displaying bad manners/attitude

Don’t bring your bad mood to the date. Don’t be rude to the waiters, no matter what they do. Spying on every lady/guy in the bar is also rude.

• Fiddling with your phone

That phone should be in your bag and should only be out when necessary. Do not spend too much time on your phone.