What women want in bed
What women want in bed

4 Things Women Want In Bed But Might Never Ask

Margaret Solace

BED! SEX!! SATISFACTION!!! These are the three words men need to get through and that’s it, they are done. But sex with a woman is much more than that. Check out some of the most important things a woman wants during sex but might not tell you.

1. She wants foreplay

A man’s p*nis gets hard at every arousal except he has medical conditions. But as for the woman’s vagina, it might take time for the brain to pick up the advances thrown at it. Women want to be touched literally everywhere before they can be aroused. Do not skip foreplay, as it is an integral part of sex.

2. She wants to dominate

Some women want to be in charge and want to be in control sometimes. But they won’t tell you because they feel you may not like the idea. If she shows any signs that she wants to dominate, gladly accept the challenge.

3. She wants oral sex

You know how great it feels when your partner gives you oral sex, especially when she’s good at it? Yeah! She wants to feel that too. So, be kind to her and give her what she needs.

4. She wants to communicate

Every woman in bed with you wants to know if you are truly here with her or not. She wants to look you in the eye and feel every moment. She wants you to communicate with her, whether with your eyes, body movement or lips.

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