5 Ways To Make Friends At Social Gatherings

5 Ways To Make Friends At Social Gatherings

Abayomi Afolayan

Abayomi Afolayan

If you are an introvert like me, you would understand how awkward and alone it is to be in a gathering especially without friends or family. But truth is, nobody wants to be that lonely guy or girl standing by the entrance while everyone is having fun. Everyone wants to be the popular one in the building. Here are ways you can make friends quickly in a gathering.

1. Dress the party

Whatever the occasion, whether it is a birthday party in a small parlour or a wedding ceremony in an exotic hall, you have to dress nicely. A good dress will not only make you feel good but it will also portray you as confident and stylish. So, invest in a good gown or blazer and a perfectly fitted footwear to match what you are wearing.

2. Maintain eye contact

Your dress will definitely make people want to check you out. They would want to steal a gaze but be bold enough to catch that gaze. Maintain eye contact with anyone who looks your way, make it sexy and allow your eyes express what you want to say. Trust me, the eyes speak louder than the mouth sometimes.

3. Look and feel approachable

Do not frown. Do not stare at people for long, as it might get them uncomfortable. Wear a bright smile every time. No one wants to be friends with someone that does not look friendly and no one would approach you if you do not look friendly. Do not bury your face in your phone. In fact, avoid using it at all.

4 Break the ice

Look for someone that is approachable as well. Avoid the most popular guy or girl in the room or on the table. Find someone you are more likely to be friends with and introduce yourself. Be the first to say hi and state your name.

5. Do not let fear get in your way

Fear only exists in your head. Do not think about it. Face you fear and have fun with strangers who might become ride to die.

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