Ladies! These Are 3 Reasons You Are Still Single 
Single woman

Ladies! These Are 3 Reasons You Are Still Single 

Margaret Solace

Being single doesn’t mean you’ve failed in life. In fact, some people in a relationship want to remain single, but because of one thing or another they keep getting into relationships. Sometimes, it’s your choice to remain single, and most times, you just don’t know what you’re doing wrong and you desperately want to be in a relationship. Find three reasons you are still single below.

• You are yet to figure yourself out

You do not know who you are and what you like. You do not know the kind of relationship you want. You are not sure what you want out of a relationship. You should try to know yourself first. Get a paper and pen and write down what you expect from a relationship.

• You are suffering from low self-esteem

You’ve been let down so many times, you are beginning to think you are the problem. You have to find a support system and let them be your distraction while you build your self-esteem. Get books or movies, songs relating to a weak person finding her voice. Buy new things, look in the mirror and compliment yourself.

• You have all your defences up

You are not ready to let anyone into your life. You have built up a wall around yourself and it is difficult for anyone to penetrate. We know you’ve been let down and you are probably guarding your heart, but do it gently so you don’t bleed out. You have to be open to risks. See a new relationship as a risk, so that if you fail, it doesn’t get to you that much.

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