Stay motivated
Stay motivated

5 Ways To Stay Motivated

Margaret Solace

As young people trying to make waves or pursue our career, we often get tired of how long it takes, and in the process, we tend to lose sight of what we are doing. Here are some tips to always keep you motivated and on your toes.

1. Exercise

This is the much dreaded task we try to avoid. But let’s face it, exercise has a way of clearing our minds, even if it’s as little as a 30-minute walk. It could do a lot to keep you motivated.

2. Leave your comfort zone

A lot of times we get so comfortable in our own space and nothing excites or challenges us anymore. It is advisable to leave such an environment. This is not necessarily where you live. It could be your workplace or even friends. Change is a really bold step and it could be just what you need to stay motivated.

3. Follow role models

In our chosen career path, maybe business or some profession, it is encouraging to have people to look up to. Reach out to them, if you can. Some of them might even be willing to advise you. If there is no way to reach out to them, you could read about them. Their stories could inspire you.

4. Grow something

Plants are a great source of motivation. You could buy a seed and plant in a tin, then keep it close to a window in your home or work. Try to nurture it by making sure it gets enough sunlight and water. Watching something grow over a period of time might also be a source of inspiration to you.

5. Reward yourself

We often get too caught up in things/goals that are not working out that we completely forget about little achievements. We should make it a habit to reward ourselves for any accomplishment, as little it may seem, whether a completed task or assignment. You can take the time out to celebrate with cake and ice cream or Nkwobi and chilled beer. It is important we do this so that we can keep track of every milestone.

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