5 Health Benefits Of Okro

Bernard Femi

If you suffer from running stomach after eating Okro soup, also known as Okra soup, you shouldn't worry much, as there are benefits of this vegetable to your body.

Okro, a finger-like vegetable, can be cooked in different ways and it is easy to cook. It is not restricted to any tribe, unlike its other counterparts like Ogbono, Afang, Ewedu, etc.

It may interest you to know that this vegetable has its own health benefits which can help improve your health. Check out some of these benefits below.

1. It aids weight loss

Okro is not only meant to be eaten with eba or fufu but it also aids weight loss. You don't necessarily have to eat Okro with hard swallows, but you can make your oats or wheat into swallow to get to your destination of burning fat.

2. It prevents colon cancer

This spear-shaped vegetable fights cancer too. With the rate at which cancer is rising in the society, maybe having Okro in your weekly diet is not a bad idea.


3. It aids healthy skin

If you want to glow like sunshine, eat okro. Okro is rich in vitamin C, which is an essential nutrient for a smoother, brighter and healthier skin. It is also a good soup to include in your diet if you want longer hair, because it contains fiber.

4. It prevents diabetes

Okro helps reduce sugar level in the body. This is the reason why a diabetic patient should add Okro to their diet. Okro contains Eugenol, which helps fight against diabetes. The fiber also helps stabilize blood sugar level by delaying sugar absorption from the intestines.

5. It aids fertility

Researchers have revealed that Okro consumption can aid your fertility as an individual. Okro also contains a high amount of Folate which is not only beneficial for someone who is trying to conceive but also good for the foetus during pregnancy.

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