Ladies! These Are 5 Fashion Mistakes  You Are Probably Making 

Ladies! These Are 5 Fashion Mistakes You Are Probably Making 

Ladies! Are you making these five fashion mistakes? 

Mercy Ebikoma

Mercy Ebikoma

It is important to understand that there are certain habits that most women generally make that is unstylish as far as fashion is concerned. Below are a few of those habits.

1. Too much reliance on the fashion media

Most women will take the opinions of fashion magazines and big fashion companies on everything. When you depend too heavily on the media to influence your wardrobe decisions and style, you become at risk of being a fashion victim. The latest fashion designs featured on magazines and TV shows are mostly aimed at a very minute percentage of people. It is great to want to look fabulous, but the reality is; those clothes were designed for a select few women with specific body types and are most times quite expensive. Wearing such clothes on the wrong body type will only make that you look anything but fabulous.

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2. Getting stuck on one dress style

It is good to feel comfortable in whatever attire you choose but just because you look good dressed in one style does not mean that you won’t look great or even better in another style. Some women are afraid to go out of their comfort zones fashion wise, causing them to have one type of look. This gives a boring vibe to the person stuck in a style rut. The best way to get out of this rut is to try a different store and be spontaneous. You can even start by changing your usual comfortable hairstyle.


3. Buying clothes that do not fit

Most women with weight problems sometimes tend to buy smaller sizes with the hope that they will lose weight, especially after you just started an exercise routine. In other cases, some women although not overweight will end up buying a smaller size just because it is cheaper or on sale. That beautiful Vera Wang dress is on sale and you must have it. You just have to have it even though it is a dress size smaller.

Please note, clothes that are too tight and clothes that are too loose, will only make you look larger and uncomfortable.

4. Desperation shopping

It is important to look your best at any occasion. You want to look fab for that wedding or birthday party, you want to turn heads, but leaving the decision to pick out an outfit till the last minute is usually a bad idea, as you might have to make a rushed decision.

You must take out time to shop for clothes that will fit. Unfortunately, some women will only go shopping for such events in the last minute and end up getting something that probably does not fit them and is too expensive that they have no other choice than to just buy it.

5. Shoe neglect

When there is failure to practise certain preventive maintenance indulgences with your footwear, the results can be catastrophic. It is important to take good care of your shoes to avoid unnecessary expenditure and being uncomfortable in your hips, knees, ankles or feet. Even a short duration in the wrong shoes can cause stress and pain to your bones and joints, and the soft tissues that support them.

You could always have the soles of your footwear replaced as soon as they start to wear. Wear the appropriate size and take care of those shoes.

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