Men! These Are 9 Fashion Mistakes You Are Making 
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Men! These Are 9 Fashion Mistakes You Are Making 

Men! Are you making these five fashion mistakes?

Mercy Ebikoma

Mercy Ebikoma

Throughout the development of the average male, from boy to man, there is always a trend at every stage, from the sneakers of mid-adolescence to the middle aged’s corporate wears. There has always been a myriad of reasons for wearing various articles of clothing to look good and acceptable.

These reasons may include, attracting the opposite sex, getting ready for a job interview, or sometimes, just boosting one’s self-confidence. All these are viable reasons for wanting to dress well. However, there are quite a few mistakes that men make as regards to fashion. We will be looking at some of them here.

belt and shoes
belt and shoes

1. Wrong colour matches between shoes and belt

Do not wear belts and shoes of different colours together. Do not wear black belts on brown shoes or brown belts on black shoes.

2. Oversized ties

Try as much as possible to avoid your tie falling below the belt line or belt buckle, so as to look more mature.

3. Socks with sandals

This is fashionably unacceptable. It isn’t just ugly, but it also makes no sense whatsoever. Sandals are meant to be worn with bare feet. Show off those feet please.

4. Tucking in T-shirts

To avoid looking like a middle-aged father, try to avoid tucking in your t-shirts.

sagged jeans

6. Sagging

To be honest, sagging is as distasteful as it gets in regards to the fashion style choice of some men. Nobody is interested in looking at your boxers. They are called underwear for a reason. Pull up your pants!

7. Wearing sports jersey all the time

There is a place and time for everything and wearing sports jersey is no exception. Learn to wear these at a sports bar or game or at home only.

8. Wearing excessive jewelry

Avoid wearing excessive jewelry and accessories. It mostly isn’t fashionably accepted.

9. Wearing baggy dress shirts

Do not buy oversized dress shirts. Wear shirts that fit snugly on your body (not too tight). Comfort is key, so is looking good .

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