Men! This Is How To Style For A First Date

Men! Find tips on how to style for a first date here!

Abayomi Afolayan

Abayomi Afolayan

It is true that when it comes to choosing an outfit, the guys have it figured out way faster than the ladies but they are not immune to choosing the wrong outfit. The wrong outfit would definitely give a wrong impression about you, especially when you go on a first date.

So, you might be asking: how do I pick the right outfit and rock it perfectly? Here is a quick guide to help you style for a first date.

1. Wear something fitted

Nobody cares about how expensive your shirt or trouser is. What is important is the fitness. Does it fit your body? But be aware that a fitted cloth is not a skin tight cloth. Ensure that your cloth is well fitted, well ironed (if need be) and neat.

2. Consider where you are meeting

It is important to have a knowledge of where you and your date are going so as to dress to suit the venue. Imagine wearing a leather jacket to a beach date or a pair of sneakers. They are not suitable for the beach so you should consider where you are meeting.


For a beach date, try a T-shirt on a denim short balanced on sandals or an open shirt on chinos trousers. Never forget to take a hat to the beach.

Choose a fitted footwear

Depending on where you are meeting, you can opt for shoes or sneakers or even sandals but avoid flip flops. And when you wear shoes make sure it is well fitted and polished. Sneakers are a better option for me because they make me feel more comfortable, so if they make you comfortable too then go for a pair of clean, fitted, beautiful sneakers.

Consider the weather

Obviously, you can't control the weather but what you have power over is what you wear. Do not wear a leather over your shirt when the temperature is as high as 38°C, dress for air when the weather is hot, and dress to protect your skin when the weather is cold.

Quick dos and donts

1. Don't wear a skin tight cloth

Remember that your date is not a macho contest where you get to show off your muscles and abs. Matter of fact, skin tight clothes are not a turn on for ladies, so avoid them.

2. Do use a wristwatch

It doesn't have be an expensive one, just a nice wristwatch along with other hand accessories like the popular shambala if need be.

3. Don't wear a printed T-shirt

Printed T-shirts are nice but you want to be careful when you wear one on a date. Avoid them but if you want to wear them make sure the designs or texts are not offensive.

4. Do wear a nice perfume

Sweep her off her feet with the smell of your perfume. But don't choke her, just a little spray would do.

5. Don't wear hoodies

It is your first date and she wants to see you, your facial expressions, your body language everything about you. So, do not wear hoodies. Avoid hats or dark glasses when you guys meet indoors, because hats and dark glasses make it seem like you are hiding something and you can't be trusted. Take it off.

6. Do wear white

Have you heard that no man goes wrong with white? Wear white, maybe not all white but a touch of white.

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