3 Ways To Prepare For A Massage
A lady getting a massage

3 Ways To Prepare For A Massage

Mercy Ebikoma

Mercy Ebikoma

Recall the way those hands felt on your body during your last massage? The soothing relief you felt afterwards? When next you visit the spa or massage therapist, here are three things you need to do so you can walk into your appointment ready to take in the full benefit of your massage session.

1. Clear your mind and prepare

You need to realise that most of the things you do in life are more mental than physical, including getting a massage from your masseuse. You need to clear your mind and prepare for the experience. Let those hands ease your stress and pain away, take you to where you can be free. You also need to prepare yourself because getting a massage is therapeutic.

2. Relax

Another important yet simple thing you need to do is relax. Relaxing can help create a soothing massage experience. Take your mind off everything at that moment: work, business, family, money, relationship and anything that can hinder you from getting the best from your massage. Preoccupy your mind with basically nothing, but calm, peace, quiet and serenity, and enjoy your massage experience.

3. Play some background music

Music has a way of inspiring you and providing mental and emotional support in times when it is needed and it can also change or improve your massage experience. On your next massage appointment, play some relaxing music in mid volume, something you love or a song that makes you happy, probably ‘Sure fire' by John Legend or ‘Star signs' by Odunsi (The Engine) ft. Runtown or some classical music, anything you like.

I trust your next massage experience would be a blast!

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