Body types
Body types

Learn The 5 Body Types And How To Dress

Margaret Solace

All women are beautifully made but we often try as much as possible to have the perfect shape. Women often make the mistake of wearing the wrong set of clothes for the wrong body.

Some women do not know what to wear to compliment their body shapes. Not only does dressing well according to your body type make you look sexy, it also boosts your self-confidence and you look well put together.

1. Triangle Shape

This can also be called the PEAR shape. This is when your hips and thighs are bigger than your bust with a tiny waist. This is the Kim Kardashian shape. To take much attention from the larger part of your body, you have to focus on your smaller part which is the bust area. Wear flattering and bright colours or a fancy scarf or necklace paired with either a nude or black skirt or trousers.

2. Ruler Shape

This is when the waist is almost equal to the bust and hips, and it’s not curvy. Models like Kendall fall in this category. They look their best in long flowing dresses or denim trousers with a top. They can rock flattering colours as well.

3. Hourglass Shape

This shape is the least popular among the women but it is every woman’s dream shape. Celebrities like Mercy Johnson are blessed with this shape. This is when your waist is tiny and your bust and hips are of the same measurement or closely. They are shaped like the hourglass, hence the name. A tight fitting gown is great if you want to show your curves, and a dress paired with a tiny or large belt can also illustrate your middle section to bring out more curves.

4. Inverted Triangle

This is when most of your weight is centered around your shoulders and bust area leaving the hips with little to nothing. You need a lot of materials to balance your hip area, skirts with frills, flares, trousers with details paired with a simple top. You also need tops with vertical lines to slim your bust and upper region a little.

5. Apple Shape

This is also known as the round shape. You have fat around the stomach region, shoulders, bust and sometimes a little of the hip region. You should wear dark dresses or a black gown or attire with a blacket or jacket, something flattering but not loose. Do not hide your beautiful figure in a loose jacket or dress.

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